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Alan Shadrake, the British author who wrote “Once a Jolly Hangman: Singapore’s Justice in the Dock”, a book which exposed the biased practice of the death penalty in Singapore in all its gory details, was sentenced to 6 weeks in prison and fined US$15,400.

It is believed that Alan Shadrake offended the sensibilities of politicians in Singapore when he claimed in his book that the Singapore government bowed to foreign influence and favoured the wealthy and well connected in deciding who should hang.

But does he deserve a 6 weeks sentence AND a US$15,400 fine just because he said that? No! It is indeed a strange and perverted country that we live in when you can be punished for raising justifiable concerns over the implementations of laws, especially when the leaders of the country are claiming it is a modern democracy.

Alan Shadrake also faces an extension of his jail sentence if he is unable to pay the obscenely hefty fine imposed on him. At the same time, he may also face charges of criminal defamation, punishable by a maximum of two years in prison and another hefty fine.

However, the fight is not over. According to a wall post on theonlinecitizen’s Facebook page, MPs in England will be filing a motion in the House of Commons to condemn the outcome of the judgement on Alan Shadrake. The MPs will ask the UK govt to consider raising the issue at the ICJ as a possible breach of customary international law.

If you are a British citizen, please do your bit for free speech and your fellow citizen by calling your MP. Put the pressure on Foreign Secretary, William Hague. Get your elected leaders to do something (anything!) to save one of your own.

Alan Shadrake committed no crime because the right to free speech is guaranteed under the Singapore Constitution. As such, he should not be treated like a criminal just because he raised justifiable concerns over the implementation of certain laws in Singapore. If the truth hurts those over-paid and thin-skinned PAP politicians, they should reflect on their mistakes instead of responding with embarrassed anger like bratty kids in the playground.

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Kinokuniya, a Japanese bookstore operating in Singapore, has been asked by the Singapore government to remove Alan Shadrake’s ‘Once A Jolly Hangman’ from its shelves. While this book is not officially banned, the Singapore government is restricting Singaporeans’ access to this book by pressuring the bookstore to stop selling.

‘Once A Jolly Hangman’ recounts in shocking detail the gruesome hangings that go on in Singapore’s Changi prison. Singapore, under the PAP government, enjoys the dubious honor of having one of the highest execution rate in the world: an average of one person a week.

In his book, Shadrake also wrote about how a German lady Ms Julia Bohl got off the death sentence when Germany pressed the PAP Government not to execute her, and compared the case to Nguyen Van Tuong, an Australian of Vietnamese descent, who was hanged because the Australian Government did not pressure Singapore.

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And now I would like to call on every single person reading this to support the freedom of the press. Please buy a copy of the book and once you have finished reading it, pass it on to your friends or relatives. The truth deserves to be heard.

While the book may be removed from the bookstores, it is still available online.


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