Who are you?

I go by my online moniker, Singa Crew. I am an internet activist and writer based on the undemocratic and unfree island state of Singapore…

Wait a minute, where’s Singapore?


Ok. Singapore is a small island in Southeast Asia with a land area of about 710.2 km2 (274.2 sq mi). Singapore is a city-state by itself and not part of China.

What is this blog about?

I made this blog in order to showcase the dictatorial and inhumane nature of the People’s Action Party, who has been ruling Singapore since the 1960s. I also wish to inform the international community of the plight of my fellow citizens who now languish under PAP’s dictatorship, their sufferings cunningly hidden behind a facade of gleaming skyscrapers and shopping malls.

One last question… The truth shall make you fret?

Yes, make you fret. That’s not a typo. I got that line from Terry Pratchett’s novel, The Truth. Read that if you wish to understand the nature of journalism.

Many people think the truth shall make them free, but that’s not necessary true. Many Singaporeans know the truth about the undemocratic and dictatorial nature of the People’s Action Party, but since they haven’t acted according to their conscience and voted the PAP out, we are still suffering under the yoke of oppression.


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