Hey I was quoted and I didn’t know!

Posted: July 29, 2008 in Uncategorized

But assett riches will not necessarily provide Housing Development Board, or HBD, householders with three meals a day, writes Singa Crew who says the Peoples Action Party or PAP will have to do no more than artificially inflate the price of public housing to make the 57 percent non-millionaires millionaires.

“They just have to rig the prices of a Housing Development Board, or HBD flat to the million dollar mark and half the population will end “millionaires,” the writer says.

Twenty to 30 years to pay off the Housing Development Board or HDB flat if the purchaser lives on a million dollar property.

It doesn’t matter if thousands of people jump off their million dollar flats because they can’t keep up with payments and face the prospect of being homeless.

“Dead or alive, they are still “millionaires” and included in the Barclays survey”, says Singa Crew.

Excerpt from “Singapore’s new paper millionaires speak their minds” by Christina Pas

Source: http://www.southeastasiantimes.com/index_8.html


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