Point-Counterpoint #4

Posted: June 15, 2008 in Uncategorized

shearer (PAP propagandist) posted this on http://www.yoursdp.org:

if all opposition are really that capable and clever, then they should just be humble, join the dominant party, then slowly work their way up lah, since they think that they are so “revolutionary”.. what? dun dare to join the ruling party ar? dun dare to present your ideas to them ar? what? cannot eat humble pie for long-term goodness ar? what? have no confidence that your ideas are viable ar? god damn lah.. if i were you, i would join the ruling party, gain trust, climb up, push my plans through..

<end of shearer’s post>

My reply to shearer:

Wow… Lots of ars and lahs and shoulds. We have a budding political advisor here. aww… how cute!

Well pal, I hate to shatter your dreams in public, but this is really for your own good. A man of your mighty intellect can surely go far if properly advised.

Now let me refute your points one by one.

1) Can you explain the link between capable opposition politicians and them joining the PAP? I can’t see any good reasons why capable opposition politicians should join the ruling party. They are opposition politicians for a reason: they do not agree with the policies of the ruling party. And if they are indeed capable, they should excel in their own field: opposition politics.

2) There really is no logical link between being ‘capable and clever’ and being ‘humble’. That said, there is no link between being ‘humble’ and joining the PAP either. Could you explain how you arrive at such a conclusion? I would have thought the ability to artificially inflate one’s worth (and salary) is a far more important criterion for PAP membership.

3) Eating humble pie for long-term goodness? You mean ‘humble pie’ like regularly telling your people you are a top talent who deserves to be paid more than the American president for doing less work? Thank goodness SDP candidates do not eat that kind of ‘humble pie’. That’s why I like ’em better!

And please explain to us how eating that kind of ‘humble pie’ will lead to long-term goodness?

4) You seem to have your political career mapped out. So why don’t you put the money where your mouth is and go join the PAP? And when you manage to defy your political elders within the PAP to push your ‘reforms’ forward, and avoid the wrath of the Lee family, please come back to tell us that. You can be the second Ong Teng Cheong.

Last piece of advice: If you really want to make it in the PAP, you have to learn to write better essays than this. These days, they tend to recruit fresh blood from the ranks of scholars.

Your points are unsupported by citations. Your arguments are shaky and senseless, backed by nothing more than afirmative ‘ars’ and ‘lahs’. I don’t think the Political Science professor at NUS would even bother grading your paper, even though it is obviously pro-PAP.

I say this in the spirit of friendship: If you wish to implement your long-term plan of joining the PAP and pushing your reforms through, you have got to do better than this.



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