Point-Counterpoint #3

Posted: June 15, 2008 in Uncategorized

MIke (PAP propagandist) posted this on www.yoursdp.org:
why do people still think that CSJ represents democracy for Singapore?

Remember about 15 years ago that CSJ fasted for his conscience because of the allegation of him claiming too much transport fees from NUS and postage fee for his wife’s thesis.

Then he stopped the fast becasue cannot tahan and thought of only either Chay Kway Teow or Chay Tao Kway.

That time he was fighting Dr Vasoo, a former MP and also his NUS boss.

Then now CSJ had progressed to fight the PM and MM.

Limelight for CSJ but at what cost?

His Taiwanese wife and his three children have a bankrupt father.

But for what?

CSJ should be more useful and better loved by Singaporeans if he had been a volunteer worker in old folk homes or try to raise funds for the poor.

But now, in deep shit himself.

Any regrets? 

<End of Mike’s post>

My reply to Mike:

Mike, I think you misunderstand the situation in Singapore. It is wrong to say any person or organisation represents democracy in Singapore, because we do not have democracy in Singapore.

We KNOW he (CSJ) is fighting hard for democracy to take root in Singapore. Because he is taking the fight to the structural level. That can be the only way.

Your ideas of working at old folks home and raising funds for the poor are noble, but with the PAP so entrenched, it is almost impossible to effect meaningful changes through piecemeal work.

Of course, if all the changes you want is to install new lifts at your block (and live happily ever after), then by all means go do things bit by bit without antagonizing the PAP.

On the other hand, if we are talking meaningful and long lasting changes, we need to try to effect changes at the structural level.

By the way, are you happy with the PAP because the lifts stop at every floor at your block? Never mind if jobs are going away to ‘foreign talents’. Never mind if workers’ wages are not adjusted according to rising costs of living. Never mind if we are vulnerable to short-sighted policies because no one dares criticise the PAP. The lifts stop at every floor at your block so the nation can live happily ever after.



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