Point-Counterpoint #1

Posted: June 15, 2008 in Uncategorized

Lin Peh (PAP propagandist) posted this on www.yoursdp.org:
History has shown that No Incumbent is going to let themselves be unseated easily.

Unless SDP changes its “acronym” to ASS (Arts & Social Sciences) it’s time that SDP face this reality. If SDP come into power SDP will do likewise.

When Chen Shui Bian first won the Presidential Elections Chen Shui Bian was heralded as a Saviour of sorts.

Later, what did Chen Shui Bian? He also pulled out all stops to get himself voted for a 2nd Term.

Which Democratic country does Red Dot want to emulate? US.

Also the same there. Clinton did the same. So did Bush.

Let’s be frank. SDP (ASS) want to displace the Incumbents. Look at the FEER article (which is the subject of 2 other High Court Suits) it sets out the Journalist’s appraisal that CSJ has the cutting to be Red Dot’s next PM.

Then CSJ has to jolly prove himself like any others.

If CSJ is a politician and intends to lead the Country one day then he must talk sense. ‘Talk sense’? What does it mean?

CSJ must learn to say the right thing at the right forum. The Court is a place to make legal arguments back up by relevant facts. Period.

If so basic a thing CSJ fails to fulfil then how can Red Dotters expect CSJ lead the Country.

If CSJ assumes the mantle of PM he has to come up with viable Legal Model and Legal System besides drawing up Economic and Socio-Politico plans.

Can CSJ? One really doubts so. But don’t worry CSJ has a coterie to elect into his shadow cabinet. M RAVI can be the shadow Law Minister. Ha ha … One wonders whether Chia Ti Lik is ok with that.

Ha ha …

CSJ – one word of advice – please don’t act naively or show your naivete.

The Common Man is no fool. (Please note that the Common Man ain’t not the Bloggers here) Although the Common Man never tak zhui chak (never study much or never tak ang mo chak (never study “Ang Mo Books” the Common Man is just as shrewd and calculative as SDP (ASS) and the bloggers here.

Now, SDP (ASS) please don’t deny that you are calculative. If SDP (ASS) do deny then SDP (ASS) should stay out of politics. If SDP (ASS) criticise the MIWs for the Suzhou fiasco then surely SDP (ASS) will fail even more spectacularly (if they concede to be non-calculative).

Another question for SDP (ASS) – if Red Dot has that much currency reserves what is SDP (ASS) plan for deploying the currency reserves?

Kindly note that currency is a negotiable instrument. Its value is derived from use in transactions or being in market circulation. It is pointless to have lots of it and keep it out of circulation in the global market. Ling peh has never studied economics. But Ling peh understands this basic.

Why after the end of Japanese Occupation the notes that Japanese print become bananna notes? The answer is very obvious.

The World is Dog Eat Dog. That is what Nature is. Law of Natural Selection (which can be written as Survival of Fittest) applies in the most brutal fashion in political, business and legal arena.

The latest CSJ fiasco shows up how inept or poor the technical proficiency of Red Dot professionals or opposition is.

If one were to accept some of the Bloggers point then why don’t make Biblical arguments in Court or make sweeping Moral Arguments that it is morally wrong to even have a Political Hierarchy with the Ruling Elite deriving the most benefit.

Let’s not kid around. SDP (ASS) want to displace the Incumbent.

Then SDP (ASS) must be prepared technically and be skilled in all technical / professional aspects.

300 Spartans could withstand the invading Persian Hordes. Without the rigorous and ruthless training that Spartans were subject to the Spartans would not have the skill and the tactical acumen to even hold the Persian Horde.

So, if SDP (ASS) want to engage in a political battle or legal battle then SDP (ASS) jolly well do their homework.

It is not like what M Ravi think. Take the file and go to the political or legal stage to ad lip or make a cameo ad hoc appearance.

Boy this is Political War where the lives of Many are at stake. It is no Child’s Play.

Understand _ CHEE SOON JUAN. Do you understand CHEE SOON JUAN.

So please stop wasting Taxpayers’ Money by go gallivanting like Don Quixote cluelessly as to the strategy and the ultimate objective.

So, bloggers here stop deluding yourselves. Guss Hiddink didn’t and blasted the Russian team for being worse than a school boy team.

SDP (ASS) – you are worse than a School Boys’ debating Team. In any case School Boys’ debating Team has no business to be in the political arena. 

<End of Lin Peh’s post>
My reply to Lin Peh:

Looks like the PAP are sending in the big guns now. There is certainly a noticeable improvement in the posts from the pro-PAP camp. However, if one learns to read beyond the rhetoric, one will find the arguments presented to be fundamentally flawed. Much like many of the policies initiated by the PAP.

Lin Peh, let me refute your points one by one.

You made the assertation that no incumbent will allow himself to be unseated easily and went on to use Chen Sui Bian as an example. That little bit of selective referencing to historical events will not work on any reader with an ounce of common sense. The civilised world has seen many successful and peaceful elections. American Presidents, UK Prime Ministers and miscellaneous European heads of state come and go without resorting to gutter tactics such as sueing political opponents for ‘defamation’ or using State’s resources such as the police force to harass and arrest their political opponents.

Whatever Chen Sui Bian did, he never stooped to the PAP’s level of bankrupting and jailing political opponents using flimsy ‘defamation’ suits.

Then you went on to criticise Chee Soon Juan’s performance in court. May I know if you are a practising lawyer or a student of the law? If not, why should we even take what you said seriously? How did you arrive at the conclusion that CSJ did not make legal arguments backed by relevant facts? Go on, please dazzle us with the brilliance of your legal mind.

Now, I really have to take issue with your ‘Common Man’ argument. I agree with you the Common Man is no fool. I myself, am a Common Man and I know I am no fool. But what gave you the right, and what reasons did you have for saying the bloggers here are not the ‘Common Man’? Are we ‘Uncommon Man’? Bloggers are a diverse group. There are students, housewives and working professionals who blog. There are bloggers from both working class and middle class backgrounds. We come from all walks of life (quite unlike the membership of the PAP),and are definitely a representative sample of the population of Singapore. Here you are trying to make us out to be some sub-culture minority when the opposite is true. If you prick us, do we not bleed?

Then you betrayed your ignorance by saying “the Common Man never tak zhui chak (never study much) or never tak ang mo chak (never study Ang Mo Books)”. Are you even from Singapore? If you are, then you should be aware of the fact that our school textbooks (from primary to tertiary level) are printed in English (Ang Mo)! By the way, I think your ‘Common Man’ would resent you accusing them of ‘never tak zhui chak’. Most Singaporeans nowadays would have at least a diploma or some sort of post-secondary ITE certification.

If Lim Peh never studied Economics, please refrain from trying to sound like an expert hor. Your remark about economic policies show your ignorance of SDP’s call for transparency and sound business practices. Money should be circulated. That’s right! Go ahead and make sound investments! But let us have transparency so there will be public and market confidence in the GIC. Let us also have checks and balances in place so as to safeguard our SWF from short-sighted overly hasty decisions.

By the way, since SDP do not have access to public funds, they cannot be accused of wasting taxpayers’ money. Do you even know what ‘taxpayers’ money’ refers to? I thought not…

It’s funny that you mentioned ‘wasting Taxpayers’ Money by go gallivanting like Don Quixote’. Some people have gone gallivanting to Russia, Iran and North Korea. But so far I have not seen any manifestations of tangible benefits for the nation.

You concluded your tirade with an admonition against behaving like school boys. I am sure readers will not see you as one (a school boy) after your juvenile ad hominem attacks. We have met school boys who are far more intelligent and gentlemanly.

Yours Truly,


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