Singaporeans Happiest In Asia?

Posted: March 24, 2008 in Uncategorized

According to this ABC news article, we are:

wow… when I first read this article , I thought it was the latest satire piece for!

Now that I have stopped laughing long enough, here’s my reply.

First thoughts in my mind. ABC = Media whore. With this one news item, they have lost all ‘street cred’ as a serious newspaper. There are so many holes in their argument for Singapore being the happiest place in Asia.

So they interviewed an actor working for the State-owned media company, a millionaire socialite and a CEO? Wow that is so representative of Singapore’s population because everyone I know in my Singapore HDB estate are either actors, millionaire socialites/playboys or CEOs. But seriously, they asked the some top dogs in the social hierarchy and concluded that ‘95% of Singaporeans are happy’? The writers who wrote this piece of crap have zero journalistic integrity and I find the way they constructed their sample (consisting of an actor, a millionaire socialite and a CEO) most suspicious. It looked as if they set out to interview people who are unlikely to be unhappy. Let’s face it, if I were to ask CEOs of oil companies in Burma how happy they were, I could write an article about Burma being the happiest place on Earth.

They used the word ‘community’ in the last paragraph, citing it as a reason why people can be happy even under dictatorial regimes. That’s a ‘whore word’. ‘Community can mean anything! If they believe ‘community’ can bring happiness, they are either really stupid or from another planet. Or, as many of you are already guessing, on the payroll of the Singapore government. Look here pal, prisoners in concentration camps have ‘community’ too. Are they happy?

Then there’s the bastard phrase ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’. The writers cited this as a reason for our unhappiness. In one swift sentence across the screen, they placed the blame on the people and took the PAP government off the hook for their greed, draconian laws and lack of welfare policies. It has nothing to do with the PAP that we are suffering from rising costs, inflation or loss of employment. We are not unhappy because we have no freedom and feel powerless to effect change in our lives for the better.

No, it is us. We are just too competitive with our neighbours. Yeah right. Tell that to the widows of the men who threw themselves on the MRT train tracks.

To Bill Weir and Sara Holmberg: you two have absolutely no sense of shame or integrity. If you think Singapore is so good, why not give up your American citizenships and come live here with us?

I strongly urge forum members to post your thoughts about this article on the ABC webpage:

They allow messages to be posted about their articles. Let the world know how Singaporeans really feel!



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